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Environmental protection, respect for the community and sustainable growth and development.

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Farabi Pharmaceutical company which was inaugurated in January 1993 for the mass production of antibiotics is the leading pharmaceutical company in the region. The Complex enjoys a wealthy ten acre work space site built in a forty hectare stretch of land, itself advantageously placed on the higher grounds adjacent to the southern mountains of Isfahan. The Complex produces various oral antibiotic-related and non-antibiotic products and dietary supplements which sets the prestigious annual production record of1,200,000,000 capsules45,000,000 suspensions and 460,000,000 film-coated tablets .To guarantee the required clinical effect for its products, Farabi acquires its raw materials from the most renowned and reliable international producers. All production procedures are managed According to the cGMP guidelines, FDA and WHO, with the most up to date production machinery and equipment right from granulation down to packing and cartoning, based on the international standards EP, BP, USP. Furthermore Managerial regulatories such as: Quality Management “ISO 9001:2008 “, Environment Management “ISO 14001:2004 “ and Occupational Health System & Safety” OHSAS 18001:2007 “have been stabilized atfarabi by the MIC institute of England.. Also stabilized laboratory management “ISO 17025:2008” by the NACI center.

Member of “TAMIN Pharmaceutical Investment Co” Group
Increasing productivity through improved processes
Market development through product basket augmentation

Leader in the antibiotic industry
Integrated Management System based on “ISO”
Control and management of environmental pollutants

Years in the pharmaceutical industry
Million capsules per year
Million suspensions per year
Million pills a year

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Contract manufacturing and investment in joint ventures
Farabi; a Paradise for investment in Iran's pharmaceutical industry.

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Farabi Pharmaceutical Company along with the growth and development of the pharmaceutical industry in the world has co-operated with several world major pharmaceutical companies such as:

GSK, SANDOZ, FUJISAWA, NOVELL, VALPHARMA and RANBAXY which has resulted in production of a number of Antibiotics such as Coamoxiclave and Cefixime and non- antibiotics such as FeFar (Iron Sulfate + Folic Acid) which is produced under license.

Stringent quality control, as well as excellent raw materials from these companies, has yielded very fine products for demanding patients.


Farabi Pharmaceutical Company is one of the largest pharmaceutical manufacturers of human medicines and Anti-biotics in Iran that with proper understanding of the importance of its position, owning a sizable complex is meeting the medicinal needs of patients with due care.

Its aim is to works for people to improve their health and quality of life. Farabi has established Integrated Management System (IMS)

based on the requirements of ISO 14001: 2004, and ISO 9001: 2008 and OHSAS18001: 2007 standards.

Farabi is Committed to pursuing the continuous improvement of the quality management system, protection of environment, prevention of pollution and paying attention to the employees’ satisfaction through

realization of their goals leading to sustainable growth and rganizational excellence.